TV Animation Slam Dunk Original Soundtrack - Special TV Versió -

Àlbum: TV Animation Slam Dunk Original Soundtrack ~Special TV Versió~
Anime: Slam Dunk!
Data de Llançament: Desconegut
Segell Discogràfic: SM Records LTD
N° Catàleg: SM-353
Format: Flac

Llista de Cançons:
  1. I Want to Shout I Love You ~TV Version~
  2. Tip Off!
  3. Rukawa Kaede ~ A Man They Call Victory ~
  4. Powerful Confrontation ~ Sendoh vs. Rukawa
  5. Rival Confrontation ~ Sendoh vs. Rukawa
  6. Shohoku Five's Trembling
  7. Closing Uneasiness
  8. Outsider
  9. Nobody Can Stop Me
  10. Violently... In Vain (to no end)
  11. Quiet Zeal ~ Thoughts are on Going to the Nationals
  12. Hanamichi's Resolution ~ to the King's Departure
  13. Timeout Shohoku ~ You Guys are Strong~
  14. Fast Attack! Counterattack Commencement
  15. Mitsui's Pride
  16. Akagi's Uncertainty
  17. Fired Up (Burning) Man Captain Akagi
  18. Fix Up Your Spirit!
  19. Not Giving Up Yet!
  20. Hanamichi ~ On the Rebound Road ~
  21. The Free Throws that were Cursed ~ "Miss Miss Miss... Fall Fall Fall"
  22. Empty Gym
  23. You are in the Middle of a Dream!
  24. Bewildered on Waking
  25. School Days
  26. Dawn
  27. Twilight
  28. To the End of the World... ~TV Version~